Ruby's Family Gathering 2011
(move your mouse over faces to find out who's who)
The steps on the front of Hensonís Store on the North Side of the Square in Downtown Champion will be the setting for many family photos as the years go by.  Sunday the 7th of August found just such a gathering as visiting family came from all over Iowa to spend time with Ruby Proctor.
Ruby is shown here on the lower step left side next to her son, Pete Proctor.  Next to Ruby on the right is her sister-in-law Alice McClure from Cincinnati, IA.  Above Pete and Ruby are Peteís brother Frankie Proctor and his wife Freda Proctor. Standing behind Alice is her son and daughter-in-law Jerry and Cheryl Bennett.  Behind Jerry to the left is his brother Jim Bennett. Roger and Lynn Bennett are in the upper right side of the photo and just below them are Donnie and Joyce Davis, Aliceís daughter and son-in-law.  Her daughter Carol Brown is to the far right standing behind her husband Larry Brown.
The Proctors all live in Mountain Grove, but the rest came down in two carloads representing Cincinnati, Davenport and Bluegrass, Iowa.  No trip to visit Aunt Ruby is complete without a trip to Champion.  Hundreds of photos were taken and many good memories made.  Champions indeed!