CHAMPION—November 28, 2006


        The good news from Champion this week is that family and friends have been enjoying each other’s company.  Harley and Barbara Krider were down from Illinois to visit and look after their cattle.

        Donald and Rita Krider also made a rare visit and everyone of that bunch has enjoyed the opportunity to spend some time together.  Foster Emit Wiseman was the youngest to attend Thanksgiving dinner at the home of Vivian Floyd up in Rogersville. There was quite a crowd and much good food and fellowship.

        Zoey Louise and Alexandra Jean of Austin, TX, hosted their grandparents for a pleasant visit.  There were long walks, trips to the park, many stories read and much good food enjoyed.  Grannie came home with a cold but thinks it was well worth the trouble.  People will be dogging her until she at last wearies of showing off the pictures.  The Hamiltons over on 76 Highway were fairly overrun by grandsons and others over the holiday, but they don’t seem to be able to muster up any complaints.  That sweet Grandmother over on 14 Highway whose birthday was on Thanksgiving Day is reported to have had an excellent celebration.  Acknowledgement by loved ones is the best gift….  Love and Gratitude.

        The active solicitation of old stores from the past around here has gleaned this gem.  It has been said that Morton Upshaw could hit a sucker with a gig from thirty feet easy.  Often enough he’d come up with more than one sucker on the same gig.  Russell Upshaw is reported to have given Gary Procter his first chew of tobacco when Gary was about six years old.  He was sick all day.  Please send your stories or items to Champion Items, Rt. 2, Box 367, Norwood, MO 65717, drop them off at the Champion Store, or send them by email to Champion News.  Please.

        Concerning the photos of the albino white tailed deer, this response was received.  “Hi, I sent it to my Brother to see, I have to say it’s the sweetest thing I ever saw. And it does look like a baby goat, I can see why they mistook it for one.  I’m going to send this to all my email buds so they can have a look.  I live north of Dora store on W highway off of 14 and my other Brother saw my cat playing with five doe’s when he was hunting this afternoon, it’s so cool to see how animals interact with each other, it’s kinda unheard of to see a ones house cat playing with a bunch of deer.  He said my cat Timmy would run up to the deer and they would chase him around for a while then he would change to another deer and do the same thing. LOL, I do love my animals.  Thanks so much.  Donna.”  Again, it was learned that those photos were not taken from around here.  It is unclear where or when they were taken.  It was a case of misinformation, a mistake.  Here is another response however:  “To Whom It May Concern,  My mother and I are originally from Ava and get the Douglas County Herald.  We saw your article today about the deer that you rescued, and it said that we could see a picture of it…..however, the only connection given was your e-mail address.  Can you send us some pictures of the baby deer?  It sounds so cute and we would LOVE to see it!!!!    Sincerely,  Sherry and Faye Sims.”  (We did not rescue the deer, but did send the pictures to Sherry and Faye.)  Anyone who is interested in seeing these photos should send his email address to the Champion News email box.  It is odd and interesting that some of the nicest feedback has come as a result of this momentous blunder.

        Children of all ages are excited about the possibility of snow toward the end of the week.  The warm days have some people spoiled.  Some people don’t have all their wood in.  Some people have not yet mulched their tender plants.  There are some turnip patches that could use some attention.  There are garden hoses laying around in some peoples yards and other examples of neglect and general sloth.  When the snow and ice cover everything, it will all look clean and neat.  There will be plenty of time to worry about those other things when the thaw comes.   The snow is beautiful, but it can be treacherous.  Safe and prudent behavior does not rule out having fun and enjoying the spectacle.  Champion is, after all, a spectacular place!