September 2, 2018

2018 Champion School Reunion


Those attending the 34th Champion School Reunion on September 1, 2018: Richard Johnston, Kaye Johnston, Kalyssa Wiseman, Karen F. Krider, Tanna Krider Wiseman, Betty Henson, Elsie Curtis, Debbie Massey, Robert Brown, Connie Brown, Paul Brown , Harold and Eva Phillips, J.R. and Janet Johnston, Charles Lambert, Lonnie Mears, Vivian Floyd, Beverly Keller Dooms, David Dooms, Irene Dooms, Robert Graham, Larry and Teresa Wrinkles, Foster Wiseman, Darrell Hutchison, Royce and Jody Henson, Alex Mills and Alexis, Tom and Valli Mills, Wilda Moses, Wilma Hutchison, Vaughn and Cara Henson, Taryn Henson, Wayne and Frances Sutherland, Laine Sutherland, Robert Upshaw, Dean Brixey.

















August 13, 2018

2018 Skyline VFD Picnic


Sherry Benet and John Webber–all smiles.






What fun! =:-)


Brenda’s Rescue!



October 12, 2017

The Pioneer Heritage Festival 2017


A couple of well heeled cowboys were the smiling greeters at The Pioneer Heritage Festival.

Festival tents seen from the highway.

Louise the Potter in her period costume strolled the grounds.

Bow making captured the interest of young people at the festival.

Mary Lou Price was resplendant in her hoop skirt at the festival.

There was plenty of good food to be had at The Pioneer Heritage Festival.  The Prominent Champion said he was on the creek bank all night catching that fish.

September 4, 2017

2017 Champion School Reunion


It was a beautiful day for the 33rd annual Champion School Reunion. Those enjoying a pot luck lunch and the pleasure of each other’s company were: Elsie Curtis, Debra Massey, Kaye and Elizabeth Johnston, Ruth Daharsh, Ethel Anderson, Robert Brown, Connie Brown, Lee Brown, Paul Brown, Louise Rinebold, Fae Krider, Tanna and Kalyssa Wiseman, Robert Graham, Tommy and Barbara Sutherland, Wayne and FrancesSutherland, Irene Dooms and Beverly, Larry Floyd, Vivian Floyd, Harley and Barbara Krider, J.R. and Janet Johnston, Alvie Dooms and Garret, Wes and Pat Smith, Doug and Sami Hutchison, Delmar Dooms, Modeen McGowan, Benton Hutchison, Darrell Hutchison, Royce and Jo Henson, Tom and Valli Mills, Alex Mils and Alexis Berks, Vaugh and Cara Henson, Whitaker and Larissa Henson, Linda Watts, David, Mindy and Chase Cauthron, Roger and Foster Wiseman, Amy Hicks Collins, Pete Proctor Wilda Moses and Betty Henson.

Some of the Henson bunch on the road to Champion.

Sisters Ruth Daharsh and Louise Rinebolt walked down to Clever Creek just for the fun of it.

Ruth and Louise came with their mother Ethel Anderson from Kansas for the Champion School Reunion.

Taegan Krider, Kalyssa Wiseman and Luxe Krider enjoyed visiting with a horsewoman from Drury and her horse.

There were ten of them in the Henson Bunch: Royce and Jody Henson, Valli and Tom Mills, Alex Mills and Alexis Berks, Vaughn and Cara Henson, and Whitaker and Larissa Henson.

Darrell Hutchison, Wes Smith, Benton Hutchison and Harley Krider had things to talk about.

Frances Sutherland, Amy Hicks Collins and Barbara Sutherland enjoy a visit.

Champion School Alumni…(standing L to R) Vivian Krider Floyd, Irene Keller Dooms, Darrell Hutchison, Doug Hutchison, Janet Johnston (not a student but very photogenic), Harley Krider, J.R. Johnston, Benton Hutchison, Frances Sutherland, Alvie Dooms (seated L to R) Royce Henson, Tommy Sutherland, Wayne Sutherland. Also attending, but not pictured are students, Amy Hicks Collins, Elsie Curtis, and Ethel Anderson.

October 3, 2016

2016 Pioneer Descendants Gathering


Many enjoyed wagon rides at the last Pioneer Descendant’s Gathering on the Thomas Farm.

Rebecca Turcott–gets archery instruction from a young expert.

The blacksmith camp.

Nurse Nannette Hirsch took a stroll on stilts under the watchful eye of a young expert.

September 9, 2016

2016 Champion School Reunion



Seated: Tommy Sutherland, Wayne Sutherland, Royce Henson, J.R. Johnston, Delmar Dooms, Ethel (LuAllen) Anderson, Elsie Curtis.

Standing: Billy Joe Lambert, Larry Wrinkles, Benton Hutchison, Glenna (Lambert) Henson, Doug Hutchison, Vivian (Krider) Floyd, Irene (Keller) Dooms, Connie Hicks, Frances (Cooley)Sutherland, Modean (Dooms) McGownan, Kenneth Henson, Wes Lambert, Harley Krider, Eva (Henson) Phillips, Lonnie Curtis, Alvie Dooms, Darrell Hutchison, Robert Brown, Ivel Brown, Lee Brown, Charles Lambert.

Not pictured: Paul Brown


July 11, 2016

Perfect Attendance

At the Champion school you got a silver dollar for perfect attendance–fifty cents if you missed because the creeks were up.

Front row, left to right:

Elsa Hancock, Wava Hicks, Duane Henson, Benton Hutchinson

Back row:

Eva Henson, Patty Proctor, Royce Henson
Champion School Perfect Attendees