CHAMPION—September 15, 2008


        In Champion people just roll with the flow.  Whatever comes along next is the very thing they are ready for.  That is not to say they can’t be surprised, but they are fast adapters.  Hurricane Ike’s destruction and detritus is strewn about everywhere.  Someone said that it was all on account of the Adlai Stevenson fans in these parts.  That is just more political hogwash.  It makes about as much sense as most of what is being heard these days.  People do not seem to be able to agree on what is important—personalities or the pressing problems the Nation faces like the collapse of the financial infrastructure and the like.  Some Champions are just delighted that the lights went out (de-lighted) if only for the respite of a timely political break.  Lowing cattle, hooting owls and ticking clocks make a peaceful replacement for the ruckus and racket that comes along with the conveniences of electricity.  For those who enjoy the quiet, for a little while, it is a real pleasure.  Champions are mindful, however, of the many others who have not faired so well due to the storm.  Everyone will be chipping in to help his neighbor recover from the disaster.  From one end of the country to the other—that’s Champion!

        It has been noted that coincidences occur in Champion with the same regularity as in other less convivial places.  Recently, at the Champion School Reunion, it was revealed that an Old Cemetery in Birdstown, TN has buried in it ancestors of both Kaye Upshaw Johnston and Pete Mullins who is married to Bonnie Brixey Mullins, formerly of Champion.  This was discovered when Richard and Kaye visited out in that part of the country last year when they attended the Brixey Family Reunion.  They got their feet wet out in the Atlantic Ocean on that trip too.  There are no photos of that happening, but there are quite a number of pictures of the Champion Reunion on the internet at  Surprise!

        While Champion seems like the center of the world to some, it is clear that the world is getting smaller.  Some of that has to do with the population—about six billion now—and some of it has to do with the relative ease of travel these days.  When the West Plains Wagon Club pulls in to Champion on Thursday it will be another excellent opportunity to learn how things were really done in the old days.  The movie and television depictions of life “back then” doesn’t necessarily provide an accurate picture of what it was really like to travel across the country.  Events like this trail ride and the Pioneer Descendants Gathering coming up over at Yates provide a valuable insight into the daily existence of Champion forbearers, so “Wagons Ho!”

        “Head ‘em up!  Move ‘em out!”  Those “Rawhide” sentiments are applicable to a notable Champion who has become too well acquainted with the rear ends of a few of his neighbor’s cattle as he chases them up hills and hollers trying to get them to go home.  His neighbor does not maintain his fences and seems glad to turn the cattle into his neighbor’s good grass when his own grass gets thin.  The offended neighbor is the very essence of restraint.  While there is some legal recourse to be had, he seems to take the long view of the situation and is not inclined to escalate to a contentious level.  These are good lessons.  Things eventually work out.

        Brother and sister, Foster and Kalyssa Wiseman have recently celebrated their Mother’s birthday!  It occurred on the 13th of September and her Champion family and friends wish Tanna many happy returns.  She is making a good recovery from a recent illness in is just the picture of radiant good health.  She is a Champion!

        The 18th through the 20th will be timely for planting root crops according to Linda’s Almanac from over at the Plant Place in Norwood.  Linda has some fast making cabbage plants that form a small, compact, golden head.  She also has a variety of broccoli that produces well after the Frost.  Frost!  The wild grapes will sweeten up.  Persimmons will let go of their tree and the walnuts will keep falling.  Ike shook a lot of them down, but in some places there are many yet to fall.  Perhaps prices will be good this year.  Paw paws are plentiful and paw paw lovers are in paw paw heaven.

        It doesn’t take much to make some people happy.  Some Old Champions will be glad to have the power back on.  Those serving the Nation in the dangerous places of the world will be happy with the acknowledgement of their Nation.  Things are not easy for the returning soldier and it is hoped they will be met with Love and Gratitude.

        “Walking in the sunshine—sing a little sunshine song—put a smile upon your face as if there’s nothing wrong.  Think about a good time you had a long time ago.  Think about—forget about your worries and your woe’s.  Walking in the sunshine—sing a little sunshine song!”  That is Champion musical advice and that sort of thing is welcome at Champion Items, Rt. 2, Box 367, Norwood, MO 65717 or at Champion News.

        Sing that song or any happy little ditty out on the porch at Henson’s Store near the hitching post in Downtown Champion—the hub of the Douglas County and the place famous for Looking on the Bright Side!