A Champion Winter

Cold, cloudy, drizzly, wintry weather is wonderful weather for enjoying a nice fire and thumbing through seed catalogues, planning for the spring garden that will soon be occupying all the energy Champions have to spare. It is a good time to catch up on the mending, for cooking chili or apple crisps and for practicing those tunes and songs that make you feel better no matter what the weather. The Vanzant jam was cancelled last week because of the threatening conditions. It is definitely ON this week and chances are good that it will be well attended and much enjoyed. It will be Valentine’s Day and that will add to the sweetness. Meanwhile, the sun comes out, as it eventually always does, even if sometimes accompanied by a cold wind. Sunshine seems to always lift the spirit and the emerging daffodils appear not to be phased by the ice and the snow and the cold wind that blows. They will be out beautifying the world well in advance of the Vernal Equinox which will occur Wednesday, March 20th at 4:59 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Trish Davis is the grandmother of twins who have just had their first birthday, so Granny is having double fun. She lives over just east of Ava, but it is like the old boy says, “Everybody’s got to be somewhere.” Her birthday is February 17th. That is Linda Clark’s birthday too. She is the grandmother of triplets who are now four years old. Linda has always has had a lot of fun. Wayne Anderson was her Dad, so she grew up in a house with laughter and music. Pete Proctor’s birthday is the 18th. He does a good work with the American Legion in this area, helping Veterans in a number of different ways. He and The General take care of the Denlow Cemetery and perhaps a number of other things most of us do not know about. Pete’s mother was Ruby Proctor. She was born in Tedrick, February 19, 1925, the daughter of John and Goldie (Stout) Hicks. She grew up in Champion and always loved it here. She passed away in 2014, but is still well remembered for her good humor and sweet smile. Another Champion daughter is the lovely Joanna Bell. She was born February 21, 1969, so is about to have a significant birthday. So to Trish, Linda, Pete and Joanna, your friends wish you well and many happy returns of the day.


Sometimes THE CHAMPION NEWS does not make it all the way to ink. The Mountain Grove News Journal changed its format a while back and put a 500 word limit on the community articles. When, from time to time, Champion does not make it into print, some folks call them up to complain. That is very nice of them and we appreciate it, but it looks like the News-Journal is undergoing a number of changes, even as the whole town has in recent years. The Douglas County Herald has not given much of an edit lately, except for any particulars about benefit events which copyreaders there think justify an advertisement. Of course, our little local newspapers need advertising revenue to continue in business. Back through the years, The Herald’s editors have omitted chunks of the Champion items when they are perceived to be controversial or not adhering to the conservative leanings of the paper. That has not been the case so much recently, which causes us to think the editors are becoming more centrist, or that we are becoming more skillful in couching liberal partialities in homespun language, or that we are becoming more centrist, wary or hypocritical. There is room for reflection.

Leonard Peltier reflected on February 7th, 2019. “Each of you who have fought for my freedom have been a part of the greater struggle of native peoples or treaty rights, sovereignty, and our very survival. If I should be called home, please don’t give up the struggle.” He is 74 years old, in poor health, and has been in prison for more than 40 years, convicted on false evidence. One has suggested the current president might deal a blow to the FBI, with which he has personal issues, by pardoning Mr. Peltier. It is just a thought.

The welcome raindrops may have the creeks running high, but people determined to get there will go by way of the pavement to sit around the old wood stove at the Historic Emporium to hear the yarns spun, to pat their feet to the music and to visit with friends and neighbors. Champion—Looking on the Bright Side!