Bud Hutchison’s Fall Champion Trail Ride

By all accounts, Bud Hutchison’s Fall Champion Trail Ride was a great success.  It was cool to start with, but it turned out to be a lovely day.  Andrew Harden reported that there were no unpleasant incidents.  Everyone stayed in the saddle and while there were no dog encounters, something was said about turkeys, but there were no details shared.  Fifteen made the trip:  Andrew from Ava on Mable, Don Hamby of Dora on Domino, Kenny Forsythe of Mountain Grove on Mo, Dana Harden of Ava on Jim Bob, Hershel Letsinger of Ava on Duke, Gary Braden of Rueter on Sadie, Jim McCaughrin of Mountain Grove on Gem, Jeff and Casey Alcorn of Theodosia on Holly and Lady, Joe and Wilma Hamby of Ava, Chelsea of Ava on Ugly, Cindy of Rogersville on Dolly, Jennifer Wolf of Pontiac on Peaches, and Nancy Emerson Perriman of Rogue River, Oregon on Ginger.  The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Bud were there.  His friends have good memories of him and they surely regaled those who may not have known him well with many tales of the good natured man while they meandered along the beautiful Champion Trail.  The Sometimes Wednesday Porch Band played for the bunch as they enjoyed refreshments at the end of the trail.  Maybe they played “Along the Navajo Trail.”  Go look in the archives at www.championnews.us.  About this time every October, Bud’s Trail Ride has been documented.  It is a sweet story.

Kayleigha Crownover and Araya Smith are both prekindergarten students at Skyline.  Kayleigha’s birthday is on October 28th and Araya’s is on the 29th.  Third grader, Addison Jeffrey has his special day on October 30th.  Halloween will be the next day, so the Tiger Trail will be crawling with goblins and ghouls and the trick or treating will be exciting—trunk or treat style.  Skyline students and staff are getting ready for their PTO Fall Festival on November 8th from 6:00 to 7:30.  There will be carnival games and a concession stand with crock-pots of homemade chili, hot dogs, brownies and cookies.  Even if you do not have children or grandchildren in Skyline, you are welcome to enjoy this event to get acquainted with and support our excellent little rural school.  It is the place that is molding responsible, productive, artistic, intelligent citizens who will be running things before long.  Time seems to be going by faster than ever.  Perhaps it is a function of age, but these days Champions are putting good effort in to making the most of every day.  See you at the Skyline Fall Festival!

Roger Miller was born October 25, 1936 and passed away in 1992.  He wrote many popular songs that resonate with us.  For example, “Thunder rolling, lightning flashing, right through the middle of it I’d go dashing, just to show how for I’d go for you, if you want me to!”  The rough weather in Vanzant and other neighboring areas causes us to count our many blessings.  The good news is that there were no casualties locally.  Neighbors will come together to help with the rebuilding.  That is what makes this part of the world such an agreeable place.  Meanwhile, our fall foliage is beginning to be lovely as the red buds and dogwoods and sumac change.  Already things are pretty with the grasses turning golden and waving in the wind.  The greens are muting and soon all the countryside will be like an old master’s painting rendered in ancient oils by artists loving nature the way we do here in the beautiful Ozarks.  Eli, Emerson Rose and Esther Grace Ogelsby will be celebrating their Dad’s birthday on the 26th and their Great Uncle Harley Krider’s the same day.  It seems that there was a rumor that Harley was very good at stemming gooseberries.  Hopes are that he and Barbara will be back in the neighborhood one of these days, dispelling rumors and sharing tales of yesteryear.  Shala Clark will have all her children sing to her that day as well.  She has her hands full and handles it beautifully.  Nicholas Georges has his birthday on October 28th.  He is a youngster somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 or 9 years old.  (Time goes fast and old folks loose track!).  Royce Henson walked to school at Champion a while back—quite a while back.  He called that long straight stretch of road between Clever Creek and Champion ‘Ivy Lane’ on account of having strolled it with someone.  Maybe he will tell us who that was the next time he is back in this neck of the woods.  His birthday is October 30th and he shares it with the gorgeous Connie Lansdown!  This lovely woman can lift the spirit of anyone who needs it with her smile and kindness.  Happy birthday to all you charming Champions –Looking on the Bright Side!

A Champion Fall