Last Wednesday, the 22nd, was a fine day in Champion for the visit of Charlie Lambert. It is great to know he is back in the neighborhood. Hopes are that he will find his way to the Vanzant Bluegrass Jam some Thursday soon. Friday was also lovely. First, Nurse Shirley Emerson came to help us stay well with her blood pressure checking and exercise challenge through the Douglas County Health Department. This challenge represents a great chance to be rewarded for doing what you know you are supposed to be doing anyway. That does not always happen. Later in the morning Levon and Karen Lambert together with Levon’s sister, Donna Fay Gifford, paid a visit to Champion as they had been out decorating graves. It was good to see them. Levon used to grind corn with his gas-powered mill down at the Pioneer Descendant’s Gathering at Betty and Dale Thomas’s place at Yates. Karen said that she is not playing music much these days and is thinking about selling her bass. She is a fine musician with a smile that just keeps going.

Wednesday, the 29th, was overcast, humid and threatening of bad weather, but it did not materialize significantly, for which Champions are grateful. It was a treat to have Reba and Don Bishop back at the Historic Emporium for a change. Reba is working hard and making good progress with her physical therapy and Don is showing off his smooth palms, proclaiming that dishwashing does not cause calluses. Bob and Ethel Leach were happy to catch up with their friends and are looking forward to getting in the hay. Music on the porch was provided by members of the One-Time Fox Creek Band. It was pleasant enough except that one member was tuckered out from over-gardening, another had missed naps for days in a row, and the third had come out without his guitar. More than one person has remarked that musicians can be kind of flakey. In her defense, the gardener is not really a musician. She is, however, thinking about taking up the theremin. As she listened to Clara Rockmore playing Sain-Saens’ “The Swan,” she could not help but believe the theremin will be the next wave in bluegrass. Imagine what “Steel Guitar Rag” would sound like on that amazing instrument.

Wednesdays are wonderful down on the wild, wooly banks of Auld Fox Creek. It is a pleasant pastime to see the comings and goings of friends and neighbors. The Re-creation of the Historic Emporium not only provides an extensive selection of merchandise, it provides a center for the continuity of a great community—Champion—Looking on the Bright Side!