Early arrivals at the Champion Bash-Fling were Barbara and Kenneth Anderson, Dean Upshaw, David Upshaw,
Dailey Upshaw, Danny and Jenny Johns, Judy and Eldon Russell, Betty and Dale Thomas.

The Champion Summer Bash-Fling was a pleasant affair. Shade trees and good food, music and seldom seen friends made for a wonderful day. The creek was full of children and the birthday girl was full of good cheer. She said everyone seemed to have a good time even though it was a little hot. She was glad to meet some out-of-towners who came to enjoy Champion for the day. She said she was so excited and grateful for everyone who came out and they are definitely planning to do it again next April or May. She hopes the rain will not delay the fun next year, though she has nice things to say about enjoying the rain. She and the Prominent Champion are already planning the Skyline Picnic with will happen August 9th and 10th this year. Time flies when you are having fun.

Birthdays are for celebrating if you want to. Sherry Bennet, a favorite local chanteuse, and Nick Masi, octogenarian plus three, enjoyed the 25th of June as their day along with Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell), who was born on that day in 1903. Mr. Blair has given us a great deal to think about in these days which seem to fulfill his dystopian prophecies. Susan Handcock celebrates on June 30th. The General’s son, Michael, shares the first of July with an Old Champion, now eighty years old. The second is for Beverly Barnhart who is recovering from having fallen off a tractor seat. It is an interesting story. Alvin will tell his classmates from the Mountain Grove Class of 1959 all about it when they have their alumni dinner on July 5th at the Freewill Baptist Church. He will be glad to know that “The Hoover”’ will be there. Virginia Canada has a birthday on July 5th and some considerable connections to this part of the world. There is always a reason to celebrate.

There is sadness to report also. Bonnie Brixey passed away on Sunday. Her funeral will be at the Denlow Church at 10:00 a.m. Friday, July 5th.  She and Pete always loved to go to the Denlow School Reunion. They did not make it this year but were happy to enjoy the photographs on line of the Fairview and Denlow School students and could identify them all. She was pleased that the people who own her old home place keep it up well. She said that her Mom and Dad built that house for $100.00 with a lot of used lumber and rocks that came out of Clever Creek over south of Cold Springs, the labor was provided by her Dad’s father and brothers. They had a lot of fun growing up there. She read The Champion News on line and said she liked it that it always ends: Champion—Looking on the Bright Side!

Bonnie’s house.