A lonely little petunia.

The Wednesday porch jam at Champion was invited inside because of the heat. Next time the temperature and humidity reoccur the way they did that day, the musicians will listen to rational voices and go inside. Any time during the week people are sitting down to visit on the wide veranda at the Historic Emporium or around the tables in the air conditioned meeting room. It is a very sociable kind of place. Friday was the last day for Karen Ross on the Route 72 mail route. She was met with cake and cards of thanks for her good service all these years. Our new carrier will get a good reception and we will look forward to getting acquainted.

To the reader of The Champion News who complained that he has not had to look up a word lately, we proudly give you the word ‘fissiparous.’ (fis SIP arous). To save you the trouble, it means inclined to cause or undergo division into separate parts or groups. Feel free to construct your own sentences using this interesting adjective, for example: “The fissiparous nature of party politics has even the most enlightened head spinning.” To the reader who feels isolated due to enlightened beliefs, enjoy the wonderful song, “I’m a lonely little petunia in an onion patch.” The tune was written in about 1946 and falls in the genre of Tin Pan Alley. It was a favorite of Arthur Godfrey. 1946 was a good year. The war was over. People were optimistic for a good future ahead. The General Assembly of the United Nations held its first meeting. The United States Atomic Energy Commission was created. It later became the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. These days about twenty percent of our electricity is generated by nuclear power plants. “Real power…I don’t even want to use the word…fear.” These days it is hard to discern exactly what it is we fear…mice, snakes, spiders, bears or the dissolution of democracy.

Sharry Lovan just had birthday. She hosts a great music jam at the American Legion Hall in Willow Springs every Monday. There is a pot-luck at 6:30 and music from 7 until 9. Everyone is welcome. She grew up in a musical family and thinks she has sung in every little country church for miles around. It was a treat to hear her at the Vanzant Picnic. Maybe she will sing for us again at the Holt Picnic and then at the Skyline Picnic. We are glad to see her anytime we can. I.P. Henson’s great granddaughter and his great, great granddaughter have birthdays three days apart sometime in early-mid July. (Corrections are welcome.) Nephew and uncle, Ethan Alexander and Zee Heffern share the 19th for their birthday. Then, Skyline School teacher Terry Prock had his on July20th. Bus driver, Ronny Trammel, enjoys the 23rd. Grace Crawford will be in the 8th grade this year. She shares her birthday on the 25th with cook, Dorothy Curtis. That is also the special day for Thomas Jarnagin’s old Grandpa John. Fifth grader, Jace Borders will party on the 27th. Teacher, Crystal Sartor, has the 29th for her birthday. She shares it with Karen Ross who now delivers mail on Route 71. Eugene Elliot will be in the second grade. His birthday is on July 30th. Scribbled notes in a 2009 calendar, a gift from The Douglas County Herald, would indicate that Roberta has a birthday on July 28th. There are music notes by her name and a question mark. The question mark is about the date. There is no doubt about Bertie’s wonderful music. So we sing “Happy Birthday” to all of you and hope you enjoy every day as much as this special one.

It is a relief to have the temperature drop whether the promised rain materializes or not. Summer is full on now. We will have several more chances to go to the creek. Meanwhile, the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye and kitchens are overflowing with green beans, tomatoes and cucumbers in Champion—Looking on the Bright Side!