Randall Barnett’s three-up are Jericho, Chief, and Junior. Randall is from Warm Springs, Arkansas.

Randal Barnett and Little Joe.

Jim Cantrell chewing the fat with Randal Barnett on a rest stop at Champion.

Jim and Judy Cantrell of Mansfield. Their mules are Long Ears and Patty.

This is the outfit of Ken Felts of Viola Arkansas. His mules are Rebel, Bill, and Kate.

Ken Felts’ Rebel, Bill, and Kate.

Jerry Sanders and Toni Amison relax with Toni’s dog Hooch. Their mules are Black Jack and Peaches.

This was the first trip through Champion for Dennis Pierce of Seymour. He has borrowed mules…Lady and Thunder.

Dennis Pierce is also a fiddle player and plays guitar. He said he might come down to Champion
from Seymour some Wednesday for the Sometimes Porch Band jam.