Champion Flowering Quince

Some of the April Fools jokes played on the internet included announcements of unlikely persons expecting babies. Sarah may have been 90 when Isaac was born, but those were the different old days. These are the different new days and it is incumbent upon us to keep our sense of humor. It is funny to hear what people are willing to believe. A woman stepped up on the wide veranda at the Historic Emporium on April 1st, and allowed as how she did not know what to believe any more. She had seen pictures on the internet of empty hospitals and it made her think that the whole pandemic thing is a lie. It turns out that it is very difficult for people to believe anything that does not already fit into their preconceived notions about things. Johnny Cash sang, “The lonely voice of youth cries, ‘What is truth?‘” Matthew Henry said, “If truth is once deserted, unity and peace will not last long.” He was a Welshman. He passed away in 1714.

Spring mullein

The current requirement for limited personal community contact has sent people to the telephone and the internet for socialization. We may be more connected in our isolation than we were before, which is another oddity of these new days. Some are driving the back roads for nostalgia or adventure or curiosity or diversion. A local road trip is a good way to be out and isolated at the same time. It just requires a reliable vehicle and a willingness to run a risk.

Wilburn and morels

Wilburn Hutchison has been fishing and mushroom hunting with success on both scores. Over there at the farm they are getting their garden ready. Louise always liked the Parks Whopper tomato. She won the First Ripe Tomato in Champion contest one year. We miss Louise. Maybe they will be able to find some Parks Whopper plants again this year, though reports are from a fellow who went to town recently that gardening supplies are much in demand. The television weather folks are acting like our chances of a freeze are pretty much over for the spring. While we remember the old adage about thunder in February-frost in May, some may jump the gun. It is easy to do with time on our hands, sunshine and supply-chain uncertainty. As to that uncertainty, let us give some appreciation for the truck driving men and women out there. Thanks!

One of the Tres Hermanos (Three Brothers) reported having taken a four mile walk through town to help lower his blood sugar. We feel an obligation to stay informed in order to be responsible and, going on about our daily pursuits, we may look at the blessings of our lives with new appreciation. Singer and song writer, John Prine, is reported to be making a good recovery from the Covid-19 virus. He wrote that song, “Paradise,” which says, “Daddy, won’t you take me back to Muhlenberg County, down by the Green River where Paradise lay.” Most bluegrassers are familiar with that one, but he has written many great songs and you can find them here–on the internet! We are glad to hear he is doing well. Chances are, before this is over, we will all be effected in some way. If we have been remiss in acknowledging those we love and appreciate, we repent.

“Do you have a match?” someone asked Keegan Shannon as he left the Historic Emporium one day last week. He had two fifty pound sacks of something stacked on his left shoulder and two gallons of milk and a plastic shopping bag full of stuff in his right hand. He just laughed. Laughter is one of the best things we have going for us during this period of time when we all have to be so conscious, observant and prudent. We are reminded that there is no glory in defeating a weak opponent, an admonition to inspire courage. “A person just does what he has to do,” says a hard working individual providing a valuable service. We thank all those folks who are on the front lines keeping things going, like truck drivers and grocers, farmers, health care providers, fire fighters and musicians. Keep a happy heart. We are on the sunny side of the street in Champion—Looking on the Bright Side!

A Champion roadside attraction