Jerry Wagner

We turn a calendar page thinking of the Sunday song, “Oh! I’m dreaming of an uncloudy day!” Champions would welcome clouds to prevent the groundhog from seeing his shadow, if groundhog lore were science. Phil probably enjoyed a couple of feet of fresh snow up there in Punxsutawney on Tuesday, but in these parts, just another beautiful day. Lonnie Krider said his Dad, Oscar, said, “There’ll come a day in February when a dog looks for the shade.” Ruby Proctor passed away in 2014, at the age of 88. She once said that when she was a kid in Champion there would be snow on the ground from Thanksgiving to Easter. The 1930s were rough all over, but Champions endured. They were all in the same boat, so like them and the good Scots sailors, and Chief George, we will endeavor to persevere.’

The friendly fiddler, Mr. Wagner, says, “Well, I wonder how the old folks are at home. I wonder if they miss me when I’m gone. I wonder if they pray for the boy who went away and left his dear old parents all alone.” If you’re wondering about your old folks, call them up. You may find that they, like Jerry, are breakfasting on bacon and eggs, biscuits and baked apples. He is a lucky man. He will tell you so, and if he doesn’t, Lena will.

Folks who have been mostly home bound this last year are reminded that the caterpillar grows wings during a season of isolation. That is a butterfly metaphor for making the best of a situation. The Old Champion Granny mixes her sports metaphors to say, “Floats like a butterfly–stings like a bee that’s how Mahomes handles Bra-dee.” She may have gone off the deep end getting ready for the Super Bowl. The creeks are up, so take care not to go off the deep end in the fast flowing low-water crossings as you head down to the wide, wild wooly banks of Auld Fox Creek to turn pages as Champions—Looking on the Bright Side!