It seemed early in the season to see “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Saturday night, but the year is going by so quickly that it may be right on time. We have learned that this was the first movie Jimmie Stewart made after he came back from a stellar performance in the U.S. Airforce during World War II. They say that those emotional scenes on the bridge were a product of the post traumatic stress he endured. It is a sweet story, though one Old Champion is still aggravated that old man Potter did not return the eight thousand dollars Uncle Billy mistakenly gave him. Still, the thought is there that our lives may have more impact than we know. Mother said, “Just act like you have good sense.”

Emma Webster is a seventh grade student at Skyline R2 School. Her birthday was on the 4th of December. Michael Hall, fifth grader enjoyed the 5th for his big day. That was Dawn Henson’s birthday too, a Champion down in Houston, Texas. Two first grade students have birthdays on the 10th. They are Westin Nava and Levi Hall. The eleventh day of the month is for Eva Coyote, Kai, and for Loretta Upshaw. Fourth grader, Kennedy Hinote will party on the 13th. The 14th is a big day for photographer Shannon Alexander who shares it with Spike Jones. Seventh grade Skyline student Hannah Castillejos will have the 15th for her special day. Your Champion friends and neighbors hope that your celebrations meet all your expectations.

Unseasonably warm weather has been lovely, but a little rain was welcome on Sunday evening. Though official rain gauges were not well placed to receive an accurate measurement, there were reports of an inch in the on and off thunderstorm. It has been a dry season with fire danger growing. Deep gullies, bluffs, stump holes, rocks and steep hills form the difficult terrain our volunteer fire fighters face as they answer our calls for help. Support your volunteer fire department every chance you get. The volunteers are all first responders looking out for our health and safety.

Skyline’s Archery Team made a good showing at Saturday’s tournament in Norwood. They will participate in five more tournaments this year. Coaches, Jana Brixey and Deborah Barker, are looking for sponsors to help promote the program. Contact the school at (417) 683-4874 to lend a hand. There are fifteen Skyline archers are honing their skills and learning that practice proves productive and provides positive perspective for patient participants passionate for perfection.

The KC Chiefs did not seem to need much help in defeating the Denver Broncos. They would probably have won even if Daniel Sorensen had not made that interception and run seventy-five yards for the touchdown in the fourth quarter. New fans to football are excited about our Chief Champions—Looking on the Bright Side!