The walk down to the mailbox might be full of anticipation or dread or just a chance to gaze out across a broad field to marvel at the little clumps of daffodils growing way out there, washed to their new ground by previous seasons’ flood waters.  And the mailbox may hold a surprise.  One such appeared in the cyber mailbox at  It came from a K. Brown who, having heard about the Champion Store from Brooks Blevins, googled us up and found The Champion News.  Kim had complimentary things to say about our website, administered by the talented Ms. Oyl.  The pandemic and ‘life in general’ have thus far thwarted Kim’s good intention to visit, especially the local feature known as Nelson Park.  In response to this kind letter, it was explained that the park is just a wide spot in the road at a crossing of Clever Creek where Fox Creek Road and Cold Springs Road join (or fork).  It was also suggested that the end of the pavement itself may well prove a good destination.  Hopes are it will happen yet.  We are always happy to receive mail, cyber or snail at The Champion News, Rt. 72 Box 367, Norwood, MO 65717.

“Y’all Come” is one of those country songs people of a certain age can remember.  “Oh, the kin folks are coming, yes, they’re coming by the dozens…”  And what a joy it is!  The preparations for house guests bring numerous things to mind.  One asks, “Why would we do so much for other people when we don’t do it for ourselves?  Don’t we like it when everything is clean and organized?”  Another one said, “You might just be trying to put forth your best foot.”  A favorable impression is not a bad thing.  A friend over in Champion South said that she and her family had been living there for a few years when a local person visited their house and said, “You people are a lot cleaner than I thought you’d be.”  Friends and family are what make the world a beautiful place, so a little extra elbow-grease is well spent making them comfortable and happy to come again.  Drop us a note with your thoughts on this or any other matter.

The General’s daughters were looking for thoughts on their debate of the difference between tart and tangy.  In short order, they received nine responses.  All said they were different, but only three suggested how.  Tim Wood suggested that tangy is about the intensity of a flavor, while tart is connected closely to sourness/bitterness.  Another Upshaw, Loni, said “Things sisters will debate over!  They’re different.  Tangy is a little sweeter.”  And Debbie Scott Russel said, “Tart is sharp.  Tangy is more mellow.”

Partisan fervor flavoring the letters to the editor makes them a delightful or disgusting read depending on point of view.  So, it was a nice change to read of the troubles of Mr. Brian Haynes in the January 17th, edition of The Herald.  He lives up on Old Highway 5 where he has significant complaint about the condition of the road.  He is eloquent in his grievance with vivid, jarring descriptions and serious safety concerns.  He said that he had driven on gravel roads that are in better shape than his pavement.  Certainly, if he is over in our neck of the woods, when the pavement ends, the gravel lanes are lovely, thanks to those hard working, handsome gentlemen of the Drury Shed.  We will wish Mr. Haynes good luck in dealing with his commissioners and, hopefully, off in the future, our Douglas County commissioners will look seriously at White River Electric’s proposal for good high speed internet service, the benefits of which will be many.  Champion—Looking on the Bright Side!