Cloud cover obscured the lunar eclipse Sunday night for those of us here on the Bright Side, and while some were disappointed, others were grateful for the gentle rain on new gardens and for the absence of damaging storms.  Many splendid images of the event taken from all over the country and shared profusely on the internet prove to us that it really happened.  ‘Twas in the month of May.

The program handed to all the parents, grandparents, family, and many friends attending the Skyline R2 School Eight Grade Graduation ceremony said, “Your future holds endless possibilities. Congratulations to this year’s class.”  Members of the 2022 graduating class of our Skyline R2 School are Alain Ambroziac, Maddie Johnson, Jenna Brixey, Lydia Harden, Aaliyah Irby, Gracie Nava, Mason Solomon, Lane Watkins, and Shelby Wilson.  Six of them will be going to Norwood in the fall.  One will go to Ava, one to Lutie and one to some place in California.  Among them, in the future, they plan to be veterinarians, photographers, brain surgeons, barrel racers, pro-motocross racers, welders or mechanics, zoo workers, famous archers, forensic scientists, YouTube professionals or cops.  Their aspirations may change as time goes by, but the solid foundation provided by Mr. Luna, the Board of Education, the dedicated Teachers and staff of our outstanding rural school will stand them in good stead no matter what lies ahead for them.  Go you Tigers–Champions every one!

Bud Hutchison’s Memorial Trail Ride is scheduled for Wednesday and hopes are that the weather will cooperate.  A tour through The Champion News online archives ( finds a report of this trail ride each May for the last 14 years.  The first report in the May 12, 2008, issue began, “Pamplona, Spain has the Running of the Bulls every year.  Champion has the Champion Spring Trail Ride.  It came off again ‘without a hitch.’  Bud Hutchison has played a major role in its success for many years, and it has been going on for a long, long time.  It was reported that there were about forty riders this year, that they took their regular route and had a good time.”  Last year there were ten in the bunch and a full report can be seen in the May 24, 2021, posting.  Andrew Harden has taken the reins of the trail ride since Bud’s passing in 2018.  He came in third, on foot, in the adult division of the Skyline School 5K Fun Run back in April.  Does Andrew prefer riding to running?  Champions want to know and want to express appreciation to him for his part in continuing the long standing tradition, part of what keeps Champion Looking on the Bright Side!