Bud Hutchison’s Memorial Trail Ride

The three-tenths inch of rain on Wednesday stalled the start of Bud Hutchison’s Memorial Trail Ride out of Champion. The delay gave the riders time to enjoy visiting in the store for a while before they took off on their nine mile jaunt. It turned out to be a beautiful ride even from a damp start with no bad dogs or deep water. Ice cream and storytelling finished the afternoon for Andrew and Dana Harden, Bob Wheeler, and Linda Johnson all of Ava, Don Hamby and Calvin Chambers of Dora, Kay Rex of Fordland, and Reggie Smith and Gary Smith of Willow Springs.

Miss Helen selling tickets.

The Skyline Fall Carnival drew a big crowd for the chili, the fun, and the games in a great show of community support for our school. Though no record exists of how many circuits Andrew Harden made in the cake walk, his excited celebration would indicate there were many. He said it was banana pudding and was delicious. Grandpa Buzz Woods made a hilarious attempt at marksmanship with a plastic pistol which he abandoned as soon as he learned Blaine Denlow was in the house. Skyline Volunteer firefighters helped run the games. The school and the fire department are close good neighbors. Lieutenant Terrell Johnson has children in the school and seems to be imbued with significant patience as he assisted many would-be archers shooting floating targets with plastic arrows. The Skyline Archery Team will begin its season at the end of the month under the leadership of Jana Barnes-Brixey and Melissa Willhite.

Andrew Harden Buzz Woods

After the Whetstone Band finished their show, two hundred ducks plunged off the waterfall at the Rockbridge Mill on Saturday for their race down the creek. Diann Smith made a last minute purchase of her duck and wound up the winner of a deluxe two night stay at the Rockbridge Resort for two people, complete with fishing permits. Ms. Smith has a daughter in Skyline too. This event is slated to be an annual affair now with proceeds benefiting the school.

Prekindergarten student, London Coon, will celebrate his birthday on October 22nd, and second grader, Grant Strong will have his on the 24th. Champion Tennessee grandson Carson Cline had the 18th for his birthday and his Uncle Marty will enjoy his on the 20th. Carson’s cousin Ester Grace Oglesby enjoys the 23rd and her Aunt Breauna has the 24th for her day. Award winning artist, Donna Moskaly, will have her party on the 22nd. Your families and friends enjoy your special days too and the chance to say, “You’re special!”

Vegetable and flower gardens will be as sad on Tuesday as the KC Chief’s fans were on Sunday night. We heard someone say, “You wouldn’t have won if we had a beat you.” Things will warm up after the cold snap and hearts will be light again. Leaves will be falling, but spirits will be high. The hard work of getting ready for winter and for the next game is ongoing. Hard work and optimism will never fail us in Champion—Looking on the Bright Side!