Frankie and Jonnie
Frankie and Jonnie
Ms. McKay, Mrs. Strong and Mr. Top
Skyline Tigers

Fun came in a visit with seldom seen, much loved family. They hit the road home ahead of the bad weather, arriving there safely, leaving the old folks in Champion smiling from the excitement and the music. J.c., over in Jordan, always helps us remember Robert Burns’ birthday (January 25, 1759) with a salute to the lovely liquids of Scotland, as well as to the insight of the young farmer turned poet lamenting that equality does not exist among men. He also reminds us of the birthday of Stephan Grappelli, the amazing French fiddler, on the 26th. By Thursday, the roads had cleared enough for the adventurous to get out. Over in Wilder, Idaho, Susanna and Wesley Hancock just celebrated sixty years of marriage. She was wishing they could have come to the Music Capitol of Booger County to witness the spectacle expected by Robert Muller. He figured another Robert would be “…. tapping your toes while you strum out a tune on your guitar and your mouth organ all the while you play your accordion with a pump and toes…. such talent.” That mind boggling image challenges one to conjure it. So far, none among the ten in the music circle that evening and fewer in the audience have indicated that anything like that happened.

At our Skyline R2 School, Mr. Luna acknowledged January 27th as National Chocolate Cake Day and National Have Fun at Work Day with treats. Ms. McKay, Mrs. Strong and counselor, Mr. Top, had their photograph taken enjoying big slabs of chocolate cake. Archery coach and classroom teacher, Melissa Willhite, said it was a delicious treat and, “Thanks for spoiling us a little.” Thursday’s snow day had Skyline Tigers at home building snowmen and ‘chilling.’

More treats came on Saturday at Red’s Slice ‘N Scoop in Norwood. The General and The Gypsy ventured out to see “an outstanding performance by the New Grass Attack band.” Cheyenne McIntosh, Skyline’s music teacher, is a member of that band. Her students at Skyline are making real audible progress on those guitars donated by generous musicians around the area. They will be forming their own bands before long and she will be there to show them how to do it. Musical connections are long standing.

The Eastern Douglas County Volunteer Fire Department’s “Lost Person Search and Rescue” class held over the weekend in the area of the Shannon Ranch received some great news coverage. Several area fire departments participated in the exercise. Training was provided by Alan Altis of Missouri University. Hopes are that the valuable lessons learned there will not have to be used, but it is a comfort to know that well trained firefighters and first responders stand ready to help us when we need it. They advised caution on the slick roads Monday morning, admonishing us to stay at home if possible.

Football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult,” George Orwell said in “1984.” Beer and betting notwithstanding, how pleasant it is to be absorbed completely in some frivolous activity and, for a moment, removed from the stresses, trials, aggravation, concerns, and anxiousness of world situations. As to being controlled, we will just have to do our best to stay alert and informed. There is no glory, they say, in defeating a weak opponent and the Cincinnati team fought valiantly, but to no avail in the AFC championship game Sunday. Kansas City won by three points in the last 13 seconds. The Chiefs are indeed Champions!—Looking on the Bright Side!