CHAMPION—September 25, 2006


        Some of the good news around Champion these days is that Mrs. Eva Powel is home and feeling better after a short and productive hospital stay last week.  Her friends and family are happy to see her out and about.

        To correct the errors of last week, those ladies named Louise who celebrated their birthdays did it on Thursday the 21st.  Zoey Louise of Austin, TX had her party on Sunday with balloons and chocolate cup cakes.  Louise Hutchison had dinner out in West Plains and enjoyed the company of her husband, Wilburn, who is said to be feeling better.  She said that Ed Henson used to call her up at 6 a.m. every New Year’s Day to ask her if her refrigerator was running.  She would say it was running and he would say, “Well, you better catch it!” and then he would laugh like it was the first time he had pulled that prank.

        Pioneer Days are being held at the Yates Cemetery all day Saturday and Sunday the 30th of September and the 1st of October.  From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  There will be live music and old time exhibits and demonstrations.

        A nice letter has arrived from Mrs. Eva Lois Henson Phillips who now lives in Okalahoma City.  She moved to Cold Springs from Iowa in 1941 when she was six years old.  Her parents were Ezra and Sylvia Henson.  They were distant relatives of Ed Henson.  They bought their farm from Cleve and Lottie Riley.  She attended all eight grades of school at Champion.  Vivian Mallernee Robertson was her first grade teacher and Opal Proctor was her seventh and eight grade teacher.  Her brothers Royce, Kenneth and Randy also attended Champion school.  Eva said that she had some sad memories of the farm including five milk cows struck by lightening and killed.  (A large sycamore tree met a similar fate this last Thursday just a mile or so north of her old home place.  It was wildly twisted and blown apart.  About an inch and a half of rain came along with that bunch of weather so that part of it was good.)  In 1946, Sylvia Henson was writing the Champion Items for the Herald.  She made note of the birth of a set of twin girls into the Upshaw family on October 4, 1946. Those girls will have a special birthday this year!

        The 28th Brixey Reunion was held September the 9th at Wagon Wheel Park, Drury, Mo. Those attending were:  Sylvia, Joe, Audrey & Kayelun McClellan, Willow Springs, Mo., June Chambers, Willow Springs, Mo., Robert Dean Brixey, Norwood, Mo., James and Jana Brixey, Norwood, Mo., Shirley Brixey, Springfield, Mo., Ernie and Sheryl Williams, Battlefield, Mo., Jeff and Bev Schellenger, Douglass. Ks., Ralph and Arlene Mullens, Lincoln, Arkansas, James and Mary Gwen Brixey, St. Pauls, North Carolina, John and Jan Brixey, Rock Island, IL., Richard and Kaye Johnston, Marshfield, Mo., Robert and Sharon Upshaw, Vanzant, Mo., Elva Upshaw, Springfield, Mo., Reitha (Andrews) Forrest, Ava, Mo., Bob, Mary, and Bill Camdenton, Mo., Douglas, Susan, Tessa, Trace Chambers, Fayette, Mo., Calvin Chambers, Dora, Mo., Dwayne Brixey and Pat Cohn, Florida, Ruby Proctor, Mtn. Grove, Mo., Charles and Kay Brixey, Umberton, North Carolina, Charlie and Mary Brixey, Moline, IL., Pete and Bonnie Mullens Wichita, Ks., Pete Proctor Mtn. Grove, Mo., Lorene Johnston, Marshfield, Mo., Ed, Sonja, Zack, Allison Williams Seymour, Mo. Mae Lemons and son-in-law Mtn. Grove. Mo., Russell, Dean Upshaw Mtn. Grove, Mo., Lon, Fae, Krider Norwood, Mo., Teahna Oglesby and Eli Perry, Mo., Tanna, Foster Wiseman, Marshfield, Mo., Phoebe Ward, Marshfield, Mo., Staci Krider Norwood, Mo. and Dustin Cline Republic, Mo.