CHAMPION‚ÄĒMay 10, 2010

        Champions find themselves in a difficult situation.  Reconciling change can be hard on anyone.  Understanding the necessity for change is one thing, letting go is quite another thing.  Champions stalwartly carry on and make the absolute best of a trying time.  If it were easy, just anybody could do it.  Champions know that the end result of these much-needed changes will be excellent, but the process is startling and overwhelming.  The analogy of a can of worms fits.  The feeling of being a reed in the wind prevails, but Champions look on the bright side and meet the challenge with courage.

          Pictures were circulating around town on Sunday of Taegan Rae Krider, now ten days old and a real beauty.  Mother’s Day found Champion phones ringing and pleasant surprise visits from children and grandchildren.  Ms. Powell’s grandson, Bryan Barnes, spent the day with her.  Foster and Kalyssa had both their Grandmother’s with them for the day.  What could be better?

        Linda’s Almanac says that the 13th will be the next good day for planting above the ground crops.  It will also be a fine day for transplanting so gardeners can take advantage of these cooler days and get some hard work done.  It will pay off on the dinner table.  Saturday, the 15th, is Armed Forces Day.  Champions join the rest of the Nation in expressing Love and Gratitude to those who serve in and out of uniform.

¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬† Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, be it ever so humble, there‚Äôs no place like home.¬† Nostalgia buffs will find comfort in the Champion Picture Postcards available at the Temporary Emporium Annex on the West Side of the Square adjacent to the Champion Loafing Shed, which is becoming quite a popular destination with loafers of every sort.¬† Wherever you roam in Champion you’re looking on the Bright Side!