CHAMPION—May 17, 2010

        Feather by feather the goose can be plucked, is a French proverb.  Champion is made up of such a diverse population that most likely a Frenchman at least passed by and most likely observed that there was never such a lovely and more likely looking spot for a nice little store.  It is centrally located at the end of a downhill stretch of pavement and at the conjunction of two major county road arteries that split off and branch off and travel out to pavement all around–14 Highway, 95 Highway, 76 Highway, Highway C and WW.  Why, the little chunk of territory encompassed by that ring of pavement represents the absolute Heart of Douglas County, the Ozarks, Missouri, The Mid-West United States, North America, Western Hemisphere, Earth, Milky Way and beyond.  A happier little Spot one is Not likely to find.  Champion!

        Champion neighbors are busy.  “The 24th Annual Denlow School Reunion will be Saturday, 29 May 2010.  Registration will start at 10:00 a.m., program at 11:00 a.m. in the Denlow Church, and a potluck lunch at 12:30 p.m.  We will have door prizes, a raffle for a quilt, and anyone wishing to donate something for the afternoon auction will be appreciated.  Everyone is invited to attend the reunion.” This is from the infamous Denlow informant.  Guess who?  Get there early and stay late!

        Champion’s illustrious Postmaster in charge of Sunny Route 2 and many other local postal environs traveled with a great happy mob of family over to Springfield on Saturday to enjoy the commencement exercise of his son, Ryan Dooms, as he graduated from SMS.  The event was held at the Jon Q. Hammond’s facility and it was packed all day with three separate ceremonies and more than 2700 graduates!  Ava neighbor, Wes Davis, also graduated and will be teaching in the Republic area as will Ryan.  Smart, hardworking young people are what the country needs as a quick look at the median age in these parts lets a person know it will be very important to have some nice young people active in the area as many old time residents just continue to age, if they are lucky.

        Harley Dewayne Brixey was a native of Denlow, born in 1935.  He had an exciting and interesting life that included a career with Boeing Aircraft and a stretch, when he was younger, as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, where he spent some time training cadets at WestPoint.  He had been living in Florida since 2005, and he passed away there on May 8th.  He came from a large family, many of whom were on hand as his ashes were interred at the Denlow Cemetery on Sunday.  His grandson, Tommy Perry, played Taps in his honor.  Every little community in the country has a Veteran to appreciate.  Champions join them all in acknowledging their service with Love and Gratitude.

        Pithy is new to Champion.  Pithy Adeline is her name and she has come on the arm of Ned, of the famed duo of ‘Lem and Ned’ and may well be the cousin of one of them.  She is just the kind of girl that parents might hope for their boys.  She has a big smile, a happy disposition, a quick mind, and is a strong and willing worker.  She can weed the garden all day long and laugh about how the weeds just jump into your hand after such a nice rain.  She has a rich alto voice that drifts melodically out over the garden in a mysterious quiet way.  Was it the wind?  She is like Poor Little Sadie and can sing with the birds and the frogs.  She’ll be planting corn soon.  Lem and Ned have been pushing wheelbarrows of horse manure for her and she has been sharing her turnips with them.  The next good days for planting above ground crops will start on the 24th of the Month.  Linda’s Almanac from over at the Plant Place in Norwood is available there at the Gift Corner and on line at in the Links section.  There is a nice picture there also of the Skyline VFD May Monkey.  It has big blue eyes and was sitting in Louise Hutchison’s rose arbor for its picture.  The month is already half over and the bidding on this month’s silent auction is already getting up there.  This is one of the many ploys of the Skyline Area Volunteer Fire Department (Association) Ladies Auxiliary Picnic Society.  They are continually looking for ways to aid and support their wonderful Fire Department in making its big fire truck payment and keeping the firefighters encouraged by the participation of the community.  Everyone cannot fight fires and do the critical medical assists that these trained firefighters do, so in the little ways they can serve, the ladies are happy to do so.  They will be having a meeting on June 1st at Henson’s Store in its Temporary Annex on the West Side of the Square in Downtown Champion.  The meeting will be at 7 o’clock and any fire department member who would like to participate is welcome to attend.

        School is about out everywhere and soon Champions will be hosting friends and family from all over the country.  The weather will be wonderful, the groceries delicious and the company delightful.  “Now the kinfolks are coming, yes they’re coming by the dozens and they’re eating everything from soup to hay!  Right after dinner, they’re not looking any thinner and you can hear them say, “Y’all come!”

Send your Champion news to Champion Items, Rt. 2, Box 367, Norwood, MO 65717 or to Champion News.  Sing your summertime song out in the Champion Loafing Shed next to the Temporary Annex of the Champion Emporium on the West Side of the Square in the Heart of Douglas County.  Champion–Looking on the Bright Side!