How foggy was it last Wednesday in Downtown Champion? There was reported to be a solid white wall between Gentryville and Highway 95. From the end of the pavement there by Fox Creek, looking west, WW Highway seemed to climb into the cloud. The magic of the sycamores in their white elegant beauty adds to the enchantment of the Bright Side. Stories around the old stove had to do with a new tablet having gone ‘kasaus’ or ‘kazults’ (spelling unknown) or, as we understand it, ‘south,’ meaning it is not working right. The term is familiar to some who have heard it all their lives, but it is new to others, and the concept can be applied to a number of things, which harkens us back to The Champion News, January 23, 2013. Syndicated columnist, Charley Reese, laid out the straight skinny of government and politics in his article “545 vs. 300,000,000 People.” It is well worth the read. Google it up.

Pete Seeger, the great songwriter and musician said, “If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.” Musicians are interesting people. The Whetstone outfit, of Gina Hollingshad and David Richardson, had a good show at the Star Theater in Willow Springs Saturday, with guest musician keyboard player Modene Smith. Gina and David were practicing for the show at the Vanzant Jam on Thursday evening for the enjoyment of a relatively small audience. As to enjoyment, any time there are children in the room The General lets loose with his signature song made famous by Johnny Horton: “Go and Wash Your Dirty Feet Before You Go to Bed.” The passel of Payton kids, Misty, Colton, Bubba (aka Earl), and little Zeke, joined their cousins, Lorelai and Wade, in some protracted grinning and giggling. They had a good time and happy children are marvelous mood elevators for the rest of us. The Days and Paytons, and the rest of us, were invited to the Gentryville Church on Saturday night for the First Annual Wild Game/Roadkill cook-off. They attended and really enjoyed it. The report was that the food was all very good, and the desert table was spectacular. (Bubba Earl had two plates.) The people were warm and friendly and the house was packed. They were surprised to learn that their musical friend, Dennis Shumate of Backyard Bluegrass fame, is the pastor there. Backyard Bluegrass and the Whetstone Band can both be seen anywhere in the area in support of a good cause–like Champions.

Two of Sharon Sikes’ grandchildren have birthdays in January—Miley Schober on the 16th and Rese Kutz on the 17th. Two skyline students share the 18th. They are seventh grader Jacob Brixey and fourth grader Railynn Dixon, also a big day for Marybeth Shannon. J.c. Owsley, over in Jordan, MO, and Dolly Parton of Tennessee, share their birthday on the 19th with our Preeminent Champion. Blaine Denlow’s grandmother will party on the 20th, as will Alvin Barnhart. Party girl and good time doer of many good works, Brenda Coffman Massey, will be celebrated for miles around on the 22nd. Third grader Paxton Elgie and eighth grade student Elizabeth Hinote also have the 22nd as their big day. Reba Bishop sent out a message to her son , Kris Bishop, wishing him a happy birthday and hoping he was having fun at the boat show celebrating his day, and hoping his day was the best. Happy day to all of you and your Champion friends wish you many more to come.

Friends inquire about our Champion Scots daughter who traversed the wide Atlantic under sail with a fiddle and rosin for the bow. She is making a splash in Patagonia with her art. “Night Sailing” (Navigando de Noche) is being very well received by the many patrons of the craft, art and book fairs in the busy port city. She sojourns there in a warm place, sharing her many talents, and attempting to fathom the icy winds that blow the barquito. Hot and cold at the same time, she makes the most of it like a true Champion—Looking on the Bright Side!

Mo's Art