CHAMPION—May 24, 2010

        Champions are enjoying the glorious weather and though they never complain about bad weather, they are pleased to be exultant about the good.  Things are green and luscious–vibrant and growing.  Haymakers are busy at it and little houses and big ones that had been sitting out in barren yards are suddenly hiding behind the overgrowth of the roadsides and disappearing in the dense foliage.  The fresh bright days of early summer weather are the prime time moments when Champions most often take their mental picture postcards.  “Do you mean they have French Postcards over there at Henson’s Store?” inquires an erstwhile Champion.  Indeed not.  It is probable that last week this person read about the possibility of a Frenchman having been in the neighborhood spouting proverbs about plucking geese.  It is funny how just a little bit of information is a dangerous thing!  Champion Picture Postcards are still just of Champion and are still available in good supply at the Temporary Emporium Annex on the West Side of the Square in Historic Downtown Champion.

        Champion neighbors are in a fevered pitch with the approach of the 24th Annual Denlow School Reunion. It will be Saturday, 29 May 2010.  Registration will start at 10:00 a.m., program at ll:00 a.m. in the Denlow Church, and a potluck lunch at 12:30 p.m. Door prizes, a raffle for a quilt, and Generally a great time is expected to be had by all.  Anyone wishing to donate something for the afternoon auction will have to use some imagination to come up to par with the offerings of the Denow Steering Committee.  Give it a try.  Everyone is invited to attend the reunion. Wally’s brother, James Hopper, is planning on making it all the way from up by Kansas City.  Aunt Elsie’s daughter, Virginia Canada, will be there all the way from Florida.  Hopes are that Vernon Upshaw will make it all the way from Mountain Grove!  It promises to be a another Splendid Occasion.

        Champion’s own fastionista, Barbara Krider, will not be making it to the Denlow Reunion as she is off on an extensive jaunt with her mother and her daughter, Karen.  They are headed to San Francisco for a couple of fun filled weeks that will include site seeing and some overdue visits with family members.  Harley may make it to the reunion if he can get out of the hayfield.  The consensus of opinion is that he quite likes making hay. Miss Taegan Rae Krider has been visiting her Grammy in Champion and helping to make it a special bright spot.  Bidding is climbing up there on the May Mascot Monkey of the Month Silent Auction being sponsored by the Skyline VFD Ladies Auxiliary Picnic Society.  It can be seen smiling over at Henson’s Store in the Temporary Emporium Annex or on line at

        Pete Proctor writes to say, “I enjoy what you put in the paper about the Veterans.  As one myself.  I salute all men and women that are serving.  The Vietnam Wall will be in Cabool July 1st thru July 4th.  I have been asked to come down to help greet the people as they come in.  They say there could be 60,000 to 65,000 people come by The Wall. It will be open 24 hours around the clock.”  It is always good to hear from Pete and Champions join him in expressing Love and Gratitude for those who serve the Nation in and out of uniform.

        An e-note has arrived from Arlene Cooley: “If you could incorporate the following into your otherwise fabulous writings……..It’s that time again!  The Cooley reunion for family and friends will be held June 26th at First Freewill Baptist Church in Mountain Grove from 10 to 3.  A potluck dinner at noon followed by auction and door prizes with music provided by Darrell Cooley.”  Arlene is part of that rowdy bunch of Cooleys that does all the laughing and grinning. They are a happy outfit.

        Days are favorable for planting corn and hay and flowers all the way up through the 26th of the month and the 27th and 31st will both be good days for planting root crops and leafy greens and seed beds.  All this is from Linda’s Almanac from over at The Plant Place in Norwood.  The 29th is not a good day to plant, so anyone can feel free to go on over to the Denlow Reunion.  Someone said that Pithy Adeline and Lem and Ned would be there.  It has been difficult to convince one old Champion that Pithy is not a French girl who had her picture taken for the post card business.  She does not figure in any of the Champion Picture Post Cards, though she is said to cut quite a nice figure.  People say all kinds of things.

        John Lukey McCreery wrote, “There is no death!  The stars go down to rise upon some other shore, and bright in heaven’s jeweled crown, they shine for evermore.  There is no death!  The dust we tread shall change beneath the summer showers to golden grain or mellow fruit or rainbow-tinted flowers.”  Upon the sudden tragic death of a precious friend, the preciousness of all friends is revealed again.  Drop a note to Champion News or to Champion Items, Rt. 2, Box 367, Norwood, MO 65717 with stories about dear friends.  Spend some time with some dear friends over in the Champion Loafing Shed or wherever they may be found.  Champions are reminded to keep a happy heart and to Look on the Bright Side.