Mothers could hardly get anything done for all the phone calls, visits and emails commemorating their special day on Sunday. It turns out that we owe them our lives. It does not matter how old we are when we lose our parents, we feel like orphans. How we would love to go back and ask questions. Those of you lucky enough to still have your folks are admonished not to lose the opportunity to ask those questions now. They have stories to tell that you may not have heard.

A whole bunch of us are in our third trimester, that is if we think one hundred years is our possible life span. It goes with the territory that we lose loved ones all along the way. It hits hard, even when we know it’s coming. The parts they played in our own lives tie them to us in memory and our love for them encourages us to love life as they did. We celebrate them, appreciate them, emulate the things about them we loved. Honor them with our own living.

The soft soothing sounds of the singing cicadas made us mindful of the miracles of nature as if the aurora borealis was not enough. Some of us do not have a horizon to gaze upon because there are hills and trees in the way. The brilliant undulating colors were obscured. Even so, Champions enjoyed some especially lovely skies during the solar storm. As to storms, bigger than golf ball hail beat the daylights out of some windshields, some roofs, some Thermopane windows, flowerpots, and garden plants. Even so, Champions are awash in gratitude that it was not worse. Storm stories were shared among friends at the Second Saturday Skyline Swap Meet while they shopped for plants, pigs, ammunition, cinnamon rolls, crochet booties and lots of other things—a nice day. It is good to see progress being made on the firehouse too.

Birthdays to enjoy this part of May start with Teresa Wrinkles on May 22nd, along with a good neighbor, Keller Boehs. Jennings Harley, a kindergarten student at Skyline celebrates May 24th, the same day as Chase’s Mom. Lena Bell Wagner has the 26th for her big day. That may also be the big day for John Webber. Ed Henson was born May 27, 1903. Eva Clark’s mother was born that day some years later. Presleigh Miller was a first grader this year at Skyline. Her birthday is May 28th. Brylee Clark was born May 28, 2010. Dale and Betty Thomas hosted the Pioneer Descendants Gathering ‘down at the end of the world’ for many years. They did a lot of work through the whole year to make that happen. Dale’s birthday is May 28th. Jessie May Miller was born on that day quite a few years earlier and her presence at the Denlow/Fairview School Reunion has been one of the reasons it has always been such a lovely occasion. The reunion will occur as usual on the Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend. It is just a week from Saturday. The General entreats scalawags, scoundrels, and scholars (former student) to attend with family and friends. Everyone is welcome, even Champions—Looking on the Bright Side!