Wednesday, May 15, found the Champion Square full of horse trailers and horses. They came from Dora, Macomb, Ava, Norwood, Fordland, West Plains, Mountain Grove, Pontiac, Edgar Springs, and Theodosia. The riders, Calvin Chambers, Cash Depriese, Lynn Johns, Andrew Harden, Caleb Harden, Juniper Wiley, Cody Greenfield, Bob Wheeler, Kay Rex, Loran Cockrum, Frank and Conny M., Corey Finch, Jennifer Wolf, Debi Sims, Jeff Alcorn, and Don Hamby made a twelve-mile loop in about four hours, then repaired to the wide veranda for ice cream and yarn spinning. Reports mentioned no bad dogs or mishaps and the mild and pleasant weather made for a beautiful ride. Many of these folks had the pleasure of riding with Bud Hutchison over the years. Andrew Harden has been leading Bud Hutchison Memorial Trail Rides out of Champion in the spring and fall since his passing in 2018. Bud would be pleased to see the young folks on this ride doing what he loved to do.